Entry #1

why hello thar. 8D

2008-09-15 08:48:49 by DaemonDD

well, i'm calling myself DaemonDD most places on the net and stuff, so that might explain my name a bit.
in newgrounds, i'm a complete n00b if you may, and i can hardly make a proper review.

but appart from that, i mainly made this account so i could follow the work of my favorite artists and musicians. i hang out in the audio portal the most anyway.

if i should ever do something proper, it might be some soundtrack to a comic i'm making (yeah, it's pretty wierd, but wutever. XP) plus some themes for my original characters.
if i was really up to it, i could make a remix of "The Ultimate Show", which is the final battle music in Super Paper Mario. XDDD

well, DaemonDD signing off.
for now. >:3

why hello thar. 8D


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2009-01-24 16:55:29

WOW well I say go for it! XD
I love Paper Mario Songs! o0v0o
And Nice picture by the way!